Smart Hotel Software

Smart Hotel Software is a fully integrated software package designed to manage your hospitality property, combines best of breed functionality with seamless, all-in-one integration.

Whether you are a 500 room hotel or a 50 room boutique that our software can perfectly do for you.  We have proven installations in Hotel, Resorts and Retreat, Serviced apartment and Boutique Hotels all over world. 

Smart Hotel Software is completely customizable to fit your business.  Our implementation professionals will work with you to ensure a perfect fit between your business and our solutions.  We will teach you how to use our tools to save time and earn more money with each and every guest transaction. 

Smart Hotel Software is a full featured Property Management Software Solution for single or multiple Hotel and lodging businesses.  Smart Hotel Software will manage your reservations, deposits, check ins, check outs, guest folios, payments, sales & audit reports, housekeeping, maintenance and yield management.


1. Increase your businesses integrity. Industry standard Accounting and Fiscal Control helps you maintain integrity where it matters most - in your pocketbook.  We believe in proper fiscal control and make sure our solution meets the stringent standards that you and your accountant require to keep the business running smoothly. Includes PCI Compliance.

2. Improve your guest service by having guest history at your fingertips, remember guest preferences, dramatically speed up check-in and improve your guest experience.

3. Increase your revenue by effectively managing reservations, rooms and rates with powerful Yield Management tools. 

4. STOP paying commissions. NO Fee and NO Commission Online Reservations are available to help you save costs.

5. Manage weddings and events with our built in banquet event order functionality.  Create the detailed itinerary for your guests and their party.  Communicate with your staff through the BEO and tracking functions.  Finally, allocate all your revenue to the appropriate accounts to smooth out the wrap up.

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