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Service Features

Find the right products to enable digital transformation across your enterprise and run business-critical processes quickly and securely in the cloud – today and as your business needs evolve.

Consulting & Evaluation

Defining Your Needs, Wants, Budget, and Priorities
Also, being realistic in what the software will and will not do for you. Software is not a solution – it’s a tool. A tool that can be configured specifically for your requirements. How do you choose the right solution with features that make your functions more seamless? Which system excels at automating processes to free your employees to help customers? How do you know, until after the actual implementation, if the system fits with your unique workflows?

Evaluate the software-in depth-before buying

See firsthand how a system works before the crunch of implementation

Get an objective look at how the system fits your business

Get an objective look at how the system fits your business

” Successful implementations boil down to choosing the software solution that best fits your needs. “

From our project implementations experience, we’ve honed a process to minimize the risk in software solution selection. We call it Proof of Concept. It’s a mechanism to help you evaluate a system in more detail before buying. By changing the traditional implementation cycle, we provide a ‘preview window’ of how the software will actually function for you. At the completion of the Proof of Concept, we provide you with a detailed document explaining how the system functions with your processes.

” Our most successful implementations begin with the Proof of Concept. Clients tell us our process creates trust and a deeper understanding of what is possible. They know we’re giving them a credible, documented evaluation of how the system will work for their company-before we sell it to them. “

” Get on the Fast Track to Efficiency & Profitability… Everything Runs Smoothly! “.

Implementation Service

Successful Implementation Start & End with a Single Team.
New software system implementations can be difficult, even with great planning. During the implementation phase you need an advocate at your side. An experienced consultant that understands exactly how your new system must perform. You benefit from an expert who has listened to you carefully and understands how your business runs.

At BIZDIMENSION we do just that. We’ve developed a standardized process as a result of successful projects. The key is our combined sales and implementation team. The same consultant that helped you choose your system will be involved at each step of the implementation.

Our proven, on time, and on budget implementation process includes these key steps

Implementation is where our consultants’ combined software product and business expertise pay off for you. Because we’ve all worked in industry ourselves-as accountants, operations people, or owners-we know how to identify and resolve potential roadblocks.

Best Practice Consulting

  • A design document detailing customizations and programming plans
  • Ensure that all customizations are functioning correctly
  • All newly automated and integrated processes flow as planned
  • Complete configuration tracking and implementation setup
  • New reports run and appear as described
  • All data is migrated accurately

Network Design And Architecture

  • We generate ideas to help improve your business processes
  • We put our product, technical and accounting knowledge to work for you
  • We thrive on frequent and open communication and collaboration with our clients. The result is a smooth implementation of a solution that does what you expected.
  • The implementation is timed to minimize impacts to your business

Advanced Project Management

  • An initial planning meeting
  • Step-by-step detailed project plan document and timeline
  • Accurate project estimates for time and costs
  • Complete configuration tracking and implementation setup
  • New reports run and appear as described
  • All data is migrated accurately

Training Service

Update Skillset and Education to Maximize Your Investment
We offer advanced business applications training courses to your in-house team.We can broaden and enhance the knowledge of your entire functional and management team.This include day-to-day IT operations, software administration and development, IT management, and specific business software base application. Our advanced training service help you accelerate your team competency in both management and operations – allowing you to enhance workforce productivity and maximize your IT ROI.

We design the accelerate education methodology to broaden and enhance the knowledge of our trainee from the basic to advance level, shorten the learning curve and boost the productivity to utilize the software functionality.

” We provide customize and full-fledge modular training for all business software & office application, our training session are perfectly designed from our professional expertise team, and we ensure that our course structure and technique to transfer this knowledge will be easy and simple for our trainee to understand. “
We offer monthly training webinars on specific topics covering on specific module or function, advanced product training, or updating the new releases of our software functionality.

Classroom Training

We offer the pre-designed courses for our open trainee, which will be lead by professional consultant, product specialist, or professional speaker covering on all related agenda of the courses. Training will be conduct in either our training room or lap, or selected venue.

Web-Base Training

The internet has allowed us to offer frequent training sessions that are easily accessible over the web. Web training is most effective when it is broken into smaller segments between one or two hours in length. We can tailor an on-line training session for your company’s need.

On-Site Training

We offer customizable training courses to your in-house team. This is the most tailored type of training option we offer.

Maintenance & Support

Allow Expertise Doing The Job…
As your business grows, so does your need for professional support for your software application as well as your IT support. Our support team will leverage their expertise and approach to optimize the of use of resources, and deliver state-of-the-art operational and maintenance management solutions. Using advanced technology and the latest in IT best practices, we can provide you in real-time support, onsite hands-on, and many more for your company – preventing downtime, and saving you both time and money.

Responding to your day-to-day IT problems is our highest priority. Here are some examples of the type of incidents we resolve remotely for our client everyday.

  • View, diagnose and solve software problem online.
  • Help you identify and solve software problems and glitches.
  • Take a snapshot of a problem, analyze it and then upload a “patch” to solve the problem-all
  • Not just problem solving. We offer alternative processes to make system more effective.
  • Download patches or update to your system
  • Upload files for analysis.

Application Development

We customize, automate, and built for your specific needs
From the open of API, SDK, and open enterprise architecture of software and programming, we utilize our backend database and application programing to customize, develop automation and add-on app to suite the specific needs of each of our clients

We help our clients automate functions that interact with other systems. Accomplish more without adding people. Examples of successful customizations we’ve developed include:

  • Eliminating manual data entry
  • Automating crucial operations, sales and financial reports
  • Improving sales rep and Internet customer order flows
  • Creating bar coding that simplifies ordering, reduces errors
  • Streamlining invoice processes and increasing accuracy
  • Modifying reports to match your business