Software Evaluation & Selection

Reduce the Risk of Software Selection - Try Before You Buy

Defining Your Needs, Wants, Budget, and Priorities

Successful implementations boil down to choosing the software solution that best fits your needs. Also, being realistic in what the software will and will not do for you. Software is not a solution -it's a tool. A tool that can be configured specifically for your requirements. How do you choose the right solution with features that make your functions more seamless? Which system excels at automating processes to free your employees to help customers? How do you know, until after the actual implementation, if the system fits with your unique workflows?

From our project implementations experience, we've honed a process to minimize the risk in software solution selection. We call it Proof of Concept. It's a mechanism to help you evaluate a system in more detail before buying. By changing the traditional implementation cycle, we provide a 'preview window' of how the software will actually function for you.

At the completion of the Proof of Concept, we provide you with a detailed document explaining how the system functions with your processes. Our Proof of Concept process makes it easier for you to:

  • Evaluate the software-in depth-before buying
  • See firsthand how a system works before the crunch of implementation
  • Get an objective look at how the system fits your business
  • Identify key factors that will save time during final implementation

Our most successful implementations begin with the Proof of Concept. Clients tell us our process creates trust and a deeper understanding of what is possible. They know we're giving them a credible, documented evaluation of how the system will work for their company-before we sell it to them.

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