F&B Management Solution

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Food & Beverage Solution

Covid-19 pedemic is new experience that vitally impact to food and beverage businessess, running on the traditional method would not make the business survive. Adapting to new changes iin this industry practice, by automating every signle piece of operation to digital manage and control.

Deploying the correct retaurant management system, would help the restaurant to have crystal clear view of their business performance, and lead to new strategic action.

  • Accounting Management
  • Enterprise Management
  • POS / Ordering System
  • Online / eCommerce
  • Loyalty Management
  • Reporting & Analytic

Benefits of Using Point of Sales Solution

Comprehensive Extensibility Tool Kit allows Retail to incorporate specific business requirements without affecting the core product, and also ensures seamless upgrades.

Integrate with any standard business management solution through Open APIs, and leverage out-of-the-box integration to Eommerce and ERP system.

Gain greater visibility to proactively handle your operations with a head-office view into company-wide sales, facilitating swifter response to customer needs and important business events.

Grow your sales via an omnichannel model that links online and offline stores for a consolidated view of orders, inventory, payments, and shipments.