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Project Management

To ensure the project is executed successfully on time and on budget, we use proven methodologies with templates, clear guidelines, milestones and deliverables. We use clearly defined “phase gates” to transition deliverables from one point to another. Throughout the project we maintain effective relationships with business users to detect and remove potential constraint early on. We continuously measure project progress with clear and concise objective and key results, and engage in proactive risk management to minimize project risk at any point in time.

  • Project Planning & Initiation
  • Project Charter
  • Project Plan
  • Project Charter Project Plan Build Project Team
  • Identify Project Risk
  • Execution & Monitoring

Our project team are fully competence with years of experience implementing full fledge ERP system and other vertical solutions. We will help you and your team with confident in mind on our working process to deliver your project goals.


New software system implementations can be difficult, even with great planning. During the implementation phase you need an advocate at your side. An experienced consultant that understands exactly how your new system must perform. You benefit from an expert who has listened to you carefully and understands how your business runs. We do just that. We use proven of standardized methodology and processes to deliver the result of successful projects. The key is our combined sales and implementation team. The same consultant that helped you choose your system will be involved at each step of the implementation.

  • Prepration & Initiating
  • Exploration & Diagnose
  • Realization & Build
  • Final Preparation
  • Deploy & Run
  • Deploy & Run

Best Practice

Implementation is where our consultants’ combined software product and business expertise pay off for you. Because we’ve all worked in industry ourselves-as accountants, operations people, or owners-we know how to identify and resolve potential roadblocks.

With our highly experienced team, we offer the comprehensive approach by adapting with project management professional methodology and industry standard best practice to ensure the system implementation project is successfully delivered.

  • Requirement & Scoping
  • System Installation
  • Form & Reporting
  • Setup & Configuration
  • Data Migration
  • User Training