Schedule for one-on-one meeting with our expert, we offer you very fruitfull consulting on your business system.


As your business grows, so does your need for professional support for your software application as well as your IT support. Our support team will leverage their expertise and approach to optimize the of use of resources, and deliver state-of-the-art operational and maintenance management solutions. Using advanced technology and the latest in IT best practices, we can provide you in real-time support, onsite hands-on, and many more for your company – preventing downtime, and saving you both time and money.

  • Day-to-Day IT Problems
  • Software Bugs/Glitches
  • Software Patch/Update
  • Function Usages Problem
  • User How-To Guidance
  • Business Case Advisory


We have a pro-active approach to problem resolution, as we rather help you prevent problems from occurring as opposed to fixing issues. As such we provide regular health checks on your system. We proactively monitor and optimize your IT performance. Working closely with your internal IT staff, our support experts are able to recognize potential IT issues and help resolve them before they become business problems.


As your partner, we offers services to help you maintain and enhance your software to make sure that your solution is always ready to serve you as best as it can. In case of any issues, you can rely on us to help you solve your problems efficiently and effectively. We help you troubleshoot your system, liaise with software in the event of system bugs, and implement support packages.


Supporting end-users is a difficult task, specifically if you are an SME. You may not have the manpower or the internal skill-set to provide solutions to all the potential issues that arise. In addition, continuously changing business requirements put constant pressure on the IT department to meet the need for quality, predictability and responsiveness.

We can provide 1st Level support and work directly with your end-users for on-going maintenance and user support in the event you do not want to build up internal support competence. Or we complement your internal helpdesk with 2nd level support, supplementing your existing team for complex issue resolutions and enhancements.

IT Outsourcing

Running SAP as you key business tool can present a formidable challenge for your internal IT department, specifically if you are an SME. To continuously support the changing needs of your organization, you will need people with a broad spectrum of expertise in various modules of the SAP software. To recruit and retain such talent may prove difficult and costly, specifically given the industry-wide shortage of SAP skills.

There is a solution: SAP Application Outsourcing from BIZDIMENSION. We can help you as an extended arm of your internal IT department. Our suite of services covers all aspects of SAP support, and can be tailored for your specific needs. Working with us enables you to increase productivity and quality, focus on your core business and provide reliable support services to your end-users at potentially significantly reduced cost.