Training Service

Update Skillset and Education to Maximize Your Investment
We offer advanced business applications training courses to your in-house team.We can broaden and enhance the knowledge of your entire functional and management team.This include day-to-day IT operations, software administration and development, IT management, and specific business software base application. Our advanced training service help you accelerate your team competency in both management and operations – allowing you to enhance workforce productivity and maximize your IT ROI.

We design the accelerate education methodology to broaden and enhance the knowledge of our trainee from the basic to advance level, shorten the learning curve and boost the productivity to utilize the software functionality.

”We provide customize and full-fledge modular training for all business software & office application, our training session are perfectly designed from our professional expertise team, and we ensure that our course structure and technique to transfer this knowledge will be easy and simple for our trainee to understand.“

We offer monthly training webinars on specific topics covering on specific module or function, advanced product training, or updating the new releases of our software functionality.


We offer the pre-designed courses for our open trainee, which will be lead by professional consultant, product specialist, or professional speaker covering on all related agenda of the courses. Training will be conduct in either our training room or lap, or selected venue.


The internet has allowed us to offer frequent training sessions that are easily accessible over the web. Web training is most effective when it is broken into smaller segments between one or two hours in length. We can tailor an on-line training session for your company’s need.


We offer customizable training courses to your in-house team. This is the most tailored type of training option we offer.